From Canada With Love

Being back at home has had it’s advantages.  Reliable electricity, clean and drinkable tap water, a machine that washes my clothing whenever I wish, dry cleaners that don’t dye my suit jacket and trousers each to a different colour, my favourite foods at a reasonable price, and of course, being surrounded by friends and family that I’ve missed for so long.  The list goes on and on encompassing everything and everyone we forget to appreciate when we aren’t challenged or stretched or, more simply, living without.

Yet somehow, between the concrete jungles and national parks here at home, there are some things that I miss.  The red earth on my shoes, the colourful birds with long tropical tail feathers, the constant foot-travel, living out of a backpack on the weekends, the thrill of getting on and off and moving mini bus in one piece, the adventure and suspense of knowing the safari world is only a few hours away, the laughter that helps us survive and learn through our cultural faux pas, the time when a true story teller recalls their best moments, the awareness that comes when we begin to understand how small our differences are in light of all our similarities, and the anticipation of something new waiting just around the corner.

That’s right world.  I MISS YOU.  I’m happy to be home but this optimistic, adventure seeking, thrill rider will never be free of the call to travel.

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