Blog Backlog

I will admit that these last weeks -months- I have been less than adequate in documenting my adventures.  To all my family, friends, and family of friends (Ava’s dear Grandparents included) who have been asking why I have stopped writing, where the rest of the adventures are, and when I will start writing again; please know that I have no intention of stopping.  I love writing and while I am now home in Canada, I still intend to post the remaining of my 2011-2012 East African adventures.  In fact, have already been writing them.

I did not post them right away as I could no longer upload the photos which accompany the writing because I exceeded my WordPress space quota.  Let’s face it, one cannot write about something such as bungee jumping without including a photo.

However, I now realize that many great writers lived in a time before we all had pocket cameras.  While I dare not consider myself a household name on par with theirs, I will attempt, for the time being, to do as they have and convey everything through words alone in the coming weeks.

Ah, to be writing again.  It feels so good.  Like taking in a breath of fresh air that it is somehow both calming and invigorating; limited only by creativity.

Let the writing resume!

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