January 18th Already?

So I looked at the date and had to take a minute to write that I am arriving home in one month!!!  Yahoo!  I have mixed feelings and a couple ideas about what will happen next, but am glad to be returning for a bit.  There is nothing like coming home to family, friends, home cooked meals …access to a kitchen, my own bedroom, water coming out of the tap lights that work and when they are turned on… On top of all this, I really hope there is still some snow left for me!  Perhaps this is asking too much?

My Christmas and New Years blogs are just about finished.  I’m just waiting on photos to upload before I share them.  As we all know, photos tell stories of their own, and with these experiences, it’s only fair the writings are accompanied with the photos!

Work is crazy, deadlines are coming and on top of it all, it turns out I am head north tomorrow to visit some primary schools in Nyahururu and Ol Joro Orok.  Then I will have more experiences to share!

This weekend: take some time for myself, get those photos uploaded and catch up on this blog with a salted pretzel and mustard.  Sounds perfect!


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