Where does all the time go?

Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy blogging?

It has turned into far more of a relaxing and de-stressing activity than I imagined it would.  Of course people encourage travelers to write a journal and this is mainly for two reasons: it helps ease the transition through each stage of culture shock while making the necessary adjustments to a new sense of normalcy, and it serves as a memoir of the time spent abroad.  Blogs are different though, in the sense that they have the added benefit of looking like a finished product (that can later be printed as a personal travel journal), and providing communication with family and friends in a way that makes including photos a far easier task than that of e-mail, Facebook, and online photo-share sources.

The only problem is that I like it so much I really miss not writing it when I’m too busy with work and making the most of the traveling experience, nevermind the constant cold that is leaving me utterly exhausted and sends me to bed early each night.  This needs to be rectified soon as there is so much more about Zanzibar, as well as life and work in Nairobi to share.

As for now, with the darkness settled here already, one can only say “Buona Notte!” from this part of the world, and wish you the best where-ever you may be, whether morning, day or night.

Good night!



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