A Good Monday

Today I checked some of my favourite news websites and while Kenya was on top of the African news-feed on the one of them, it was leading the international news on the other.  If you don’t know IRIN or Reuters, you should definitely be checking them out!

Today was a good day at work.  I realized I’m not behind which I, like any other overachiever, was beginning to think.  The positive feedback makes me feel much more comfortable in the work I’m doing, not to mention the fact that I had planned to take Friday off to visit Lisa in Zanzibar this weekend!  As for work, I’m very excited for tomorrow because I will have a sneak peek into more of the organization’s operations.  I will write more about my impressions tomorrow, I’m sure.  In the meantime, I look forward to being a fly on the wall in a committee whose purpose is to determine if particular potential projects are necessary; if they would adequately address the problem presented; if they have been effectively designed; and, to determine whether or not the project would fulfill the organization’s mandate.   Those that receive the stamp of approval are sent out to seek funding, though of course, in the development world things often operate backwards and certain projects are proposed to the committee only because they have donor support or interest already, the organization’s stamp of approval as an item on a checklist.  I’ve been warned that sitting in may be both overwhelming and underwhelming, for someone with my background.  Nonetheless, I look forward to seeing what happens.

Anyway, it’s off to some French revision, Jane Eyre and an early night for me.

I think I’m still catching up from a fun, sleep-deprived weekend full of great music, rooftop dancing, wine on the tin-covered terrace (through which we imagined seeing the stars overhead instead), cultured conversations, and one US Marine-hosted Halloween party at the American Embassy.

Just for the record, one must always travel with a classic novel, such as Jane Eyre.  It just isn’t the same with any other type of book.


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