The chill that has settled upon Nairobi.

This is my favourite report on the Al-Shabaab threats to Nairobi so far.  It’s written by Carolyn Dunn, of CBC.

Like her, I think twice as much about going to run errands and minimizing my time in public places, but is this really possible when I need to get to the ATM at Village Market mall to pay rent, etc.?  How long will it be like this?  I have no idea but there is a drastic difference in what I saw at the mall before and what I am seeing now, after the threats.  It’s exactly as she wrote.  Limited mall entrances are in use, security is at least doubled, everyone is screened and their bags are checked.  Relative to busting at the seams only a short while ago, it seems like a ghost town.

Friends and I were talking the other day about how some people don’t seem to notice that the living environment of Nairobi has changed.  Continuing as if these threats never occurred, they carry on as per usual.  Carolyn’s writing highlights this too, and especially the change in attitudes of the Kenyan’s towards safety and security.

As before, I am not intending to worry anyone.  While I receive security warnings as necessary, check the travel advisory by the Canadian government regularly, and am acting with extra caution, I do find this an extremely fascinating time to be here and merely wanted to share this article.


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