It Rains

It is Monday, and we are looking forward to the finishing the work day.  Only 45 minutes left to go, when the heaven’s open up and an endless, heavy rain, races itself to the ground. 

For the last two weeks it has been raining softly, leaving people debating everywhere whether or not to actually open and raise the umbrella.  This being said, most of the rain to-date has been at night.

Today marks the beginning of my raining season in Nairobi.  It is still raining hard and soon I will be walking home under an umbrella with my trousers still wet a foot deep.  Hopefully the red mud that stains will not overtake them or my shoes.  Perhaps today will be one for a taxi.  Either way, it is time, I believe, to find some boots or shoes that will work for work only.  Afterall, rain boots and a pencil skirt never looked better…


1 thought on “It Rains

  1. Nuts! I can’t imagine packing boots – I wore yours this weekend & thought of you the whole time. Good luck finding more (just like in NS), & hey, more goofy airport attire coming home!

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