E-mail Inbox Follow-Up

So it’s getting increasingly common to hear people talk about the escalating situation along the Kenya – Somalia border, in light of the recent abductions of foreign nationals and the military reaction of the Kenyan Authorities. Yesterday work assured us that they are closely monitoring the situation in Nairobi and frontier locations where other staff may be either directly or indirectly affected and are taking proportional measures to better mitigate any potential incident.  We were also asked to report any suspicious behaviour in and around the UN premises throughout Kenya.

Then this arrived in my e-mail last night from the consulate.

Dear Canadians

Recent kidnappings and cross-border military action have further increased security concerns near the Kenya-Somalia border. Canadian citizens are strongly recommended to avoid all travel to areas within 150km of the Somalia border including El Wak Wajir, Lamu, Dadaab, Mandera, Liboi and parts of Garissa.

Canadians should also avoid visiting businesses during peak hours, steer clear of areas with large crowds and remain vigilant when in restaurants, sports bars, shopping centers and other public areas.

Canadians are also encouraged to consult regularly the travel report for Kenya which can be found at www.voyage.gc.ca.

At the same time, we would like to remind Canadians to update their registration at http://www.voyage.gc.ca/register in order to continue to receive safety and security updates.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Canadian High Commission (Limuru Road, Gigiri) at 020-366-3000 or the 24/7 Emergency Operations Centre in Ottawa by calling collect to 613-996-8885.

Canadian High Commission, Nairobi

I’m not sharing this information to frighten, scare or worry you.  Just to share with you what my life here is life.  Actually, I enjoy receiving these e-mails because I find it really interesting to see how the organization operates at different times and to know that some people (in this case those responsible for staff security and safety) are actually doing their job and doing it well.  Some organizations don’t take security seriously enough.  Anyway, you don’t have to worry; I’m not going to, never mind near, any of those locations.


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