The Luck Continues

As if the bird yesterday weren’t enough (and earning a nice bruise when falling in the shower, which I failed to mention earlier), this morning I pulled a banana off from the rest and brought it to the table. I peeled off one strip and put it on my plate. As soon as I did so, all kinds of tiny black ants came crawling out of it! Thankfully I noticed before I ate it. My appetite was gone.

Then, to end my day, luck not yet improving, there was some creature flying about the dining hall tonight which I did not know about until someone cautioned me to look out. I turned to see what they were talking about just in time to see this big insect fly to and land on my plate, its wings stuck in the leftover sauce that had accompanied dinner. This time everyone had a comment… How do you like Africa these days? Still not such great luck, eh? …Oh boy.

Let me just finish this story by saying that there is a German family living here too (on the other side of the building) that is in the middle of adopting a little boy. They adopted a boy from South Africa a couple years earlier who is now in kindergarten at the German School and spoke to me the other night as I was putting some of the dessert into my bowl: whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and banana. As soon as he spoke, in his serious 5-year old tone, everyone who understands German started laughing and the mother smiled but looked embarrassed. I had no idea what was happening. He had been so serious. Eventually someone translated and evidently I had been putting things into my bowl in the wrong order. So yes, let’s add to this list of unusual events, my being told off by a 5 year old. Although in that, at least, I can see the humour.


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