And So It Begins

My first day, first week, first experiences here will come throughout the week however I thought I would start by sharing some of my first day…

Picked up by taxi and off to work on my own.

I must present my letter of acceptance and passport, while others flash their ID cards.  Then we are filed inside and through a metal detector while our bags go through an airport-like x-ray security device.

I was directed to another building where I was given a temporary ID and my passport was taken for processing.  I’ll receive it once I receive my actual ID.  Then I must show my temporary ID to another security guard as I pass through the rotating metal barred doors.  He directs me to follow the path lined with the flags of the world.  So awesome.  This is really happening.

It’s a long winding path and I follow those ahead of me until we arrive at the main open-air lobby.  There another security guard directs me to my first appointment at the Staff Training and Development Unit, where I am told to take some time for a coffee and return at 1000hrs.

So here I am sitting in a cafe amidst a lush tropical garden, listening to the world’s languages as they walk by, watching for dress codes, while people sweep the delegate drop-off driveway area nearby, enjoying a tea and croissant all to myself my first morning here at work… writing what will become this blog entry.  I take it things are quite laid back; after all, I am still in Africa.

I notice there are ‘no smoking’ signs everywhere.  This must be quite difficult for the Europeans.  Two men sit at a table near me and I am overhearing a discussion about shaping the way forward with one of them ensuring each element, including logistics, security, participation, budgets and the shaping of the new structure, are designed with the perspective of a certain population involved (or whom he represents) at heart.  Very interesting…

I return to the room where my appointment is and who do I find?  Another Canadian just sitting there waiting for the meeting to start, who is also working for 6 months in the same branch.  Soon we are joined by 5 Kenyans and then the introduction formally beings.  After a self-directed tour of the compound we’ve discovered the medical clinic, post office, library and have received our passports back in exchange for our own new blue and white security ID cards that we must use to get in and out of certain areas and buildings.

I meet my supervisor and we are off to lunch where we meet an English lady who is holding a Capacity Development workshop on next Monday which I will get to participate in.  My supervisor really likes her and much of our work here is influenced by her lifetime of work.  We talk development all lunch (or rather they do) and I learn so much just by listening to them talk about important affairs.


3 thoughts on “And So It Begins

  1. You were created for wonderful things and the adventures carry on!!
    Looking forward to following your blog.
    Glad to hear you are settling in just fine. love ya lots xo

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